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Year 13 Topic Lists

On this page you can find topic areas for each A and AS Level subject.

The Year 13 Assessment Schedule and Summer 2021 Centre Policy can also be accessed from this page.

A LEVEL Art and Photography

A LEVEL Art and Photography - Awarding Body: OCR

Component 01: Personal investigation

Learners should produce two elements:
(i) a portfolio of practical work showing their personal response to either a starting point, brief, scenario or stimulus, devised and provided by the learner or centre

(ii) a related study: an extended response of a guided minimum of 1000 words.

A LEVEL Biology

A LEVEL Biology - Awarding Body: EDEXCEL - Salters-Nuffield

Paper 1 The Natural Environment and Species Survival:

• Lifestyle, health and risk
• Genes and health
• Voice of the genome
• Biodiversity and natural resources
• On the wild side
• Immunity, infection and forensics

Paper 2 Energy, Exercise and Coordination:

• Lifestyle, health and risk
• Genes and health
• Voice of the genome
• Biodiversity and natural resources
• Run for your life
• Grey matter

Please refer to the lists in Teams for specific criteria


A LEVEL Business

A LEVEL Business - Awarding Body: EDEXCEL 

Paper 1/2:

1.5.4: Forms of Business
4.1.2: International Trade and Business Growth
4.2.3: Assessment of a Country as a Production Location
4.3.1: Global Markets
4.3.2: Global Niche Markets

2.1.1: Internal Finance
2.2.3: Break-even
2.3.3: Business Failure
2.5.1: Economic Influences
2.5.3: The Competitive Environment
3.1.4: Impact of External Influences
3.2.1: Growth
3.2.3: Organic Growth
3.4.2: Corporate Culture

Paper 3:

1.2.1: Demand (not graph)
1.4.4: Motivation in Theory and Practice
2.2.3: Break-even (not calculation)
2.4.1: Production, Productivity and Efficiency
3.1.1: Corporate Objectives
3.1.2: Theories of Corporate Strategy
3.2.2: Mergers and Takeovers
3.2.3: Organic Growth
3.3.2: Investment Appraisal (calculation required)
4.2.2: Assessment of a Country as a Market

AS LEVEL Business

AS LEVEL Business - Awarding Body: EDEXCEL

Paper 1:

1.1.1: The Market
1.1.2: Market Research
1.1.3: Market Positioning
1.2.4: Price Elasticity of Demand
1.3.2: Branding and Promotion
1.3.3: Pricing Strategies
1.3.4: Distribution

Paper 2:

2.1.3: Liability
2.2.3: Break-even
2.3.2: Liquidity
2.3.3: Business Failure
2.4.2: Capacity Utilisation
2.4.3: Stock Control
2.5.1: Economic Influences


A LEVEL Chemistry

A LEVEL Chemistry - Awarding Body: EDEXCEL

Topic 2 Bonding and Structure
Topic 3 Redox 1
Topic 5 Formulae, Equations and Amounts of Substance
Topic 6 Organic Chemistry 1
Topic 7 Modern Analytical Techniques
Topic 9 Kinetics 1
Topic 16 Kinetics 2
Topic 17 Organic Chemistry 2


A LEVEL Design and Technology

A LEVEL Design and Technology - Awarding Body: EDUQAS

• Composite materials – properties – strengths – weaknesses, etc.
• Quality Assurance & Quality Control – testing procedures.
• Environmental issues – 6Rs – Circular economy – Life cycle, etc.
• Mechanical properties – forces – strengths – weakness, e.g., tensile, torsion, durability, etc.
• Renewable and alternative energy
• Health and safety in manufacturing and design
• CAD/CAM – global workforce
• Concurrent engineering
• Designing for maintenance

A LEVEL Drama and Theatre Studies

A LEVEL Drama - Awarding Body: AQA

Section A:

• A Servant To Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni
• Performer perspective
• Director perspective
• Truffaldino
• Silvio
• Clarice
• Silvio
• Commedia Dell’Arte - Traditional stock characters
• Social/historical/cultural context

Section B:

• Bronte by Polly Teale
• Performer perspective
• Director perspective
• Costume
• Branwell
• Charlotte
• Emily
• Shared Experience/expressionism
• Social/historical/cultural context

Section C:

• Live Productions Seen
• Theatre performance of their choosing
• Performer perspective
• Sound Design
• Set Design
• Total Dramatic Effectiveness
• Aims & Intentions of the company/director
• Style & genre

A LEVEL English Language

A LEVEL English Language - Awarding Body: AQA

Paper 1 – Textual Variations and Representations:

Two texts, linked by topic or theme.
• A question requiring analysis of one text (25 marks)
• A question requiring analysis of a second text (25 marks)
• A question requiring comparison of the two texts (20 marks)

Key Skills: identifying language features and explaining how they are active in the construction of meaning. Linking to wider contextual factors. Applying at least two different language levels.

Paper 2 – Diversity and Change:

Section A - Diversity and Change
One question from a choice of two:
Either: an evaluative essay on language diversity (30 marks)
Or: an evaluative essay on language change (30 marks)

Key Skills: writing a lucid essay EVALUATING an aspect of diversity/change, incorporating linguistic examples, and referencing theories/theorists.

The focus this year will be more on diversity than change to allow for reduced syllabus.


A LEVEL English Literature

A LEVEL English Literature - Awarding Body: AQA

Paper 1 – Love Through the Ages
Unseen Poetry

• Knowledge of different forms of poetry
• Context – how love has been typically represented in different time periods
• Poetic terms

Paper 2 – Modern Times
Feminine Gospels – Carol Ann Duffy

• Knowledge of subject matter and methods used in collection
• Relevant context and literary theory

Comparative Study – Revolutionary Road and A Streetcar Named Desire

• Knowledge of relevant context – 1940s-1960s Post War America, writers’ lives and significance
• Knowledge of texts
• Methods used by each writer (particularly in relation to prose vs drama e.g. use of narrative voice in prose vs Realism/Expressionism in drama text)
• Significance of the following on narrative and characters: gender, class, place (Ideas of the North vs South in Streetcar, the East in Revolutionary Road, WW2), depictions of mental illness.


A LEVEL Further Maths

A LEVEL Further Maths - Awarding Body: AQA

Paper 1 Pure
Paper 2 Mechanics and Statistics

Pure Maths content
• Vectors (Ch 23)
• Summing series using partial fractions (Ch 17.1)
• Complex Numbers (Ch 16)
• Matrices (Ch 22)
• Hyperbolic Functions (Ch 18.3, 19.3)
• Differential Equations (Ch 20.1, 2)

Questions will be based on the above + whole of FMaths AS.

(Mechanics and Statistics questions will be based on AS work only)


AS LEVEL Further Maths

AS LEVEL Further Maths - Awarding Body: AQA

Paper 1 Pure
Paper 2 Mechanics and Statistics

Content for FMAS will be the full course.


A LEVEL Maths - Awarding Body: AQA

Paper 1 Pure and Mechanics
Paper 2 Pure and Statistics

Pure Maths content:

• All trig (Ch 14)
• Algebra & Functions (Ch 12.1, 2, 4, 5)
• Binomial (Ch 13.1, 2) All differentiation (Ch 15)
• All integration (Ch 16)
• Parametric Equations (Ch 12.3)

Questions will be based on the above + whole of AS.

(Mechanics and Statistics questions will be based on AS work only)



AS LEVEL Maths - Awarding Body:  AQA

Paper 1 Pure and Mechanics
Paper 2 Pure and Statistics

Content for AS will be the full course minus a very few topics (which have yet to be taught). Candidate will be informed personally of the content before Easter.


A LEVEL Geography

A LEVEL Geography - Awarding Body: EDEXCEL

Paper 1 Physical

Choose ONE of:

• Plate Tectonics and Hazards
• The Water Cycle and Water Security
• The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security


• Coastal Landscapes
• Processes and Management

Paper 2 Human:

Choose ONE of:

• Globalisation
• Superpowers


Regeneration of Urban and Rural Places


A LEVEL German

A LEVEL German - Awarding Body: AQA

• The changing state of the family
• The digital age
• Youth culture: fashion and trends, music, television
• Immigration
• Racism
• Integraton
• Festivals and Traditions
• Art and architecture
• Berlin
• Cultural life in Berlin, past and present
• Germany and the European Union
• Politics and Young People
• Re-unification and its consequences

• Chosen literature: 2 texts
‘Der Besuch der Alten Dame’ [F.Dürrenmatt]
‘Der Vorleser’ [B.Schlink]

+ IRP (research project for speaking assessment)
The music band Rammstein and their interpretation of Modern German history’



AS LEVEL German - Awarding Body: AQA

• The changing state of the family
• The digital age
• Youth culture: fashion and trends, music, television
• The cultural life of Berlin – past and present

• Chosen film ‘Good Bye Lenin’

A LEVEL History

A LEVEL History - Awarding Body:  AQA

1C Tudors

• The government of Henry 7
• The Reformation under Henry 8
• The mid-Tudor crisis
• The foreign policy of Elizabeth 1

2R Cold War

• Vietnam war/Nixon
• Co-operation - treaties and nuclear reduction
• Pressures on the Soviet Union including Prague Spring and Czechoslovakia
• USA and Asia
• Detente


A LEVEL Law - Awarding Body:  AQA

Paper 1

Qs 8, 10, 11 [total 70 marks] Time allowed 1 ½ hrs

• Sentencing
• Basics of criminal liability
• Non fatals
• Theft and robbery
• Intoxication
• Invol mans
• Murder
• Loss of Control

Paper 2

Qs 8, 10, 11 [total 70 marks] Time allowed 1 ½ hrs

• Ng - duty, breach, causation, remedy
• Ng - recovery for psychiatric harm
• Ng - recovery for pure economic loss
• Ng - reasons for restrictive duty situations
• Defences to Ng
• Vicarious Liability
• Nuisance
• R v F

Paper 3

Qs 7, 8, 11 [total 45 marks] Time allowed 1 hr

• Contract formation
• Consideration
• Privity
• Implied Terms Consumer Rights Act 2015
• Economic Duress
• Civil Funding


A LEVEL Music - Awarding Body:  EDUQAS

Component 3 Paper: Listening & Appraising

• Area of study A: The Western Classical Tradition (The Development of the Symphony 1750-1900)
• Set work for detailed analysis: Symphony No. 104 in D major, 'London': Haydn (Movements 1 & 2 only)
• Area of study C: Musical Theatre

Question formats:
1. Set work analysis with a score
2. Extended responses on wider context
3. Unprepared extracts of music with and without a score
4. Comparison questions


A LEVEL Religious Studies

A LEVEL Religious Studies - Awarding Body:  EDUQAS

Paper 1 Buddhism

• Meditation
• Key teachings
• Mahayana Buddhism (including different schools and key teachings)
• Buddhist Community (Three refuges, The Sangha and the Patttimokkha/Parajikas)

Paper 2 Philosophy

• The Problem of Evil (AS)
• Religious Experience
• Teleological and Cosmological Argument
• Religious Language (Topic D-F)

Paper 3 Ethics

• Ethical Thought (AS)
• Utilitarianism · Natural Law (Thomas Aquinas) (AS)
• Deontological: Natural Law (A2)


A LEVEL PE - Awarding Body:  AQA (43% of theory content assessed)

Paper 1: Factors affecting participation in physical activity and sport – 1hr

Section A: Applied anatomy and physiology Cardio-respiratory system Cardiovascular system Energy systems

Section B: Skill acquisition Skill, skill continuums and transfer of skills Impact of skill classification on structure or practice for learning Principles and theories of learning and performance

Section C: Sport and society Emergence of globalization of sport in the 21st century Pre-industrial (pre-1780) Industrial and post-industrial (1780- 1900) Sociological theory applied to equal opportunities

Paper 2: Factors affecting optimal performance in physical activity and sport - 1hr

Section A: Exercise physiology and biomechanics Biomechanical principles Linear motion Projectile motion

Section B: Sport psychology Aspects of personality Attitudes Attribution theory Self efficacy and self-confidence Stress management

Section C: Sport and society and technology in sport Concepts of physical activity and sport Violence in sport Drugs in sport


A LEVEL Physics

A LEVEL Physics - Awarding Body:  EDEXCEL

Paper 1:

Working as a Physicist
Electric circuits

Paper 2:

Further mechanics
Electric & magnetic fields
Nuclear & particle physics
Nuclear radiation
Gravitational fields


A LEVEL Psychology

A LEVEL Psychology - Awarding Body:  AQA

Paper 1:

• Social influence
• Memory
• Attachment
• Psychopathology

Paper 3:

• Addiction
• Schizophrenia OR relationships

A LEVEL Sociology

A LEVEL Sociology - Awarding Body:  AQA

Paper 1 Education

• Differential achievement of social groups by class, gender and ethnicity
• Relationships and processes within school: subcultures, identities, teacher-pupil relationships

Paper 2 Topics in sociology

• Theories of the Families (Topic 3)
• Changing Family pattern (Topic 5)
• Couples (Topic 1)
• Family Diversity (Topic 6)

• Secularisation
• Theories of Religion
• The relationship between religion and...class, age, gender etc

Paper 3 Crime and deviance

• Theoretical perspectives on crime (functionalist, strain, subculture, interactionist, Marxist + neo Marxist, realist)
• Gender offending and victimisation
• Crime patterns and statistics

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