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School Resources and Projects

You will find details, on this page, of a fantastic list of Resources and Projects for extension, enrichment and additional support for students who are home learning. 


For generic, helpful online resources click here. 

For free online lectures for Sixth Form Students click here.

For newly launched daily lessons from the BBC click here. 

For user friendly extra resources at home from The National Academy click here.

For free digital and numeracy courses to build your skills; The Schools Toolkit, click here. Particularly good for year 11 and year 13 students to get engaged with.

For 50 Virtual Days Out click here.

School Subject Areas

Art and Photography

Art UK and Arts and Culture: These are really good resources for GCSE and A level Students.

Drama and Dance


Frantic Assembly: This physical theatre company have all sorts of creative resources, clips, advice and education packs to explore. This company have produced some amazing pieces of theatre and were behind the choreography used in the National Theatre's acclaimed production of "The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-time."

BBC Daily Bitesize: This website now has lots of materials specifically aimed at KS4 students studying Drama, but anyone can access these resources if they want to extend their work in Drama at KS3.

National Theatre - YouTube Channel: Lots of great clips and behind the scenes footage and interviews with the cast and creatives of some of the great productions that have been screened on their channel each Thursday at 7pm.

BBC Bitesize - GCSE Drama: For KS4 students to prepare for the written paper.

Arts Pool E-Learning: Please note this is only available to specific students who have received log on details.

National Theatre Collection: The National Theatre is making their collection available for free. For the log on details please email Mrs Evans, v.evans@qe.devon.sch.uk. From this site students will be able to watch recorded versions of live theatre and also explore some of the behind the scenes clips and interviews with directors, performers and designers.

BBC IPlayer: A number of performances will be available on the BBC IPlayer very soon, including Emma Rice's "Wise Children" and a number of RSC Productions. Dates of when these will be available are yet to be released.

The RSC: Has a number of resources on their website for students to explore.

Mask Workshops online with Vamos Theatre Company: Vamos Theatre have produced some free resources for students to try at home including some clips of their work and workshops.

Sadler's Wells: Access a great programme of full-length dance performances and workshops through their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

What's On Stage: This is a good website for keeping up to date with what is available to watch from the comfort of your own home.


James Cousins Dance Company: They are showing a number of their pieces via their Facebook page. 

Rambert Dance Company: They are running live Dance Technique class every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm on their YouTube Channel. There are also a variety of other dance sessions to get involved with for all ages and levels.

Matthew Bourne's New Adventures: (Reel Adventures) Matthew Bourne has been releasing full performances of his works on Sky Arts on Sunday evenings. This week was The Car Man, but there are also lots of interactive events and activities to get involved with on the website and on their YouTube Channel.





Pobble: Uses a different image daily to inspire creative writing.

Literacy Trust: A great resource to explore story settings. 

British Library: Fantastic project to make a mini book.


Children's Library: Lots of culturally diverse short stories. For KS3.

Winter Reading Challenge: Lots of great activities linked to reading here.

Dragon Quest: Test out your lateral thinking!

WordCipher: Word games!

Reading Activity 1: Create a front page of an illuminated manuscript. For Years 7 & 8. 

Reading Activity 2: Myths and Legends!

Reading Activity 3: If there was ever a time to lose yourself in a book it's now! A great selection reading recommendations.


Geographical Association/Geography from home: A great website for home learning. 

All Geography: From BBC Bitesize, for KS3 & KS4.

The Geological Society: Tectonics.

Volcano Discovery: Fantastic resource for all things 'volcano'!

Earthquake: Get an in-depth understanding of the Haiti Earthquake.

Fairtrade: Here you'll find everything you need to know about Fairtrade.

Population: Fantastic facts and figures resource for the subject of population.

Mapzone: Sharpen up your map skills here!

Worldmapper:  An amazing collection of world maps called cartograms, where territories are resized on each map according to the subject of interest.

Discovering Antartica: An award winning interactive educational website for schools from the Royal Geographical Society and British Antarctic Survey. Great to learn about your polar environments.


Country Knowledge: World Geography games.

Climate Change: Find out how you can make a difference to the planet.

Weather: What's the weather doing?

Met Office: Forecasting and prediction - get to grips with the subjects at the heart of weather forecasting and climate prediction

Geography: This unique interactive website works with maps and globes to transform learners' understanding of the world.


Flooding and Coasts: Really great Government Environment Agency website.

All Geography: Inspiring, open-access geography educational videos.


Virtual History Trips: Let's go on a history trip! Check out these fantastic virtual tours. 


Hegarty Maths: Great videos and quizzes. Your name is your username and your date of birth is your password. Use the booster plan to decide which videos you watch.

Corbettmaths: Good for 5-a-day to practise mixing up skills. This site also has very specific videos and worksheets for practise and learning.

Maths Genie: Great videos and worksheets, very easy site to navigate.

MyMaths: Very in depth instruction and gives immediate feedback when you try the questions. Please get your username and password from your Teacher.

Kerboodle: Online access to the text books you use in class with an extra book of homework questions and links to My Maths for explanations. Please get your institution code and password from your Teacher, your username is your email.

JustMaths: Tutorials, revision and resources tailored towards middle exam grades, so great if you are aiming for levels 4-7. Remember to click on Toggle Playlist to access different topics. Please get your username and password from your Teacher.

Resourceaholic: Click on the 9-1 GCSE link for loads of topic specific questions.

Maths Kitchen: A free site that will lead you through the processes for home learning intuitively.

For more Puzzle Oriented problem solving websites try these:

Puzzle of the Week


1001 Maths Problems

Cars Maths in Motion: For racing fun, please get your username and password from your Teacher.



LinguascopeThis site needs a log on and a password which you can get from your Teacher.

Languages Online: Great interactive resource.

Language Gym: For French and Spanish.

Seneca Learning: For French and Spanish at KS3 and German, French and Spanish at KS4.

Easy Languages on You Tube: For French, Spanish and German.

Quizlet: You just need to type in any topic of the language you study and it will come up with materials. Very useful for KS3 and KS4!

Education Quizzes: For Spanish only.

French Music and Cartoons: Lots of really great YouTube links for all sorts of music and French cartoons.

Check out Linguaflix on Netflix and Linguaprime Video on Amazon Prime for a great selection of MFL films and programmes.


Jamzone: Learn, play, jam! A brand new way to play along with your favourite songs.

RSNO Challenge: Every week the Royal Scottish National Orchestra will bring you a fun, family-friendly challenge to help keep yo​u entertained while we all stay at home! Join our musical community every Wednesday at 10.30am on Facebook or on YouTube.

Yousician: Unleash your inner musician and learn to play an instrument at your own pace. Perfect for all levels. Comes with a seven day free trial.

Epic Online Orchestra: Have your favourite chord progression played by an online orchestra!

Learning Music:  This website allows you to learn about beats, melody, chords, bass-lines and song structure. You can work through the tutorials and create your own songs using ‘the playground’.

Learning Synths: This is a fantastic resource if you are interested in music technology.  The interactive site allows you to learn about complicated aspects of synthesis, such as oscillation, envelopes, filters and amplitude, in an easy, intuitive way.

Mused Lab: This site allows you to play-along with YouTube videos using your QWERTY keyboard.  There are some sample songs already on the website, alternatively you can copy in any YouTube video and select the appropriate scale and instrument to play-along.  Great for learning parts or having a go at improvisation.  Try with a 12-bar blues track from YouTube and practice improvisation over a pentatonic scale! Here on the site you can use a pizza to represent different drum patterns. This easy-to-use drum machine allows you to explore beats from famous songs and create your own using rhythmic grids. 

World Music: This website provides an insight into music from around the world, as you may expect from the title! Complete with relevant examples linked to YouTube, the site covers everything from the Tango, to English folk music, reggae and Bellydancing music!

YouTube: Find videos that cover time signatures, note & rest values, scales, reading treble & bass clef.  Look in the video descriptions for links to online quizzes that have been created for each video.



General work outs: Great home workouts from The Body Coach!

Yoga: Fantastic resource for all sorts of yoga sessions.

Strength and Conditioning: A series of short videos focusing on core strength, plyometrics and accessory exercises.


BBC Bitesize 

Religious Studies and PDP


BBC Teach: PHSE 14-16

BBC Teach: Citizenship 14-16

BBC Bitesize: PHSE and Citizenship for KS4


BBC Bitesize: GCSE RS (AQA)

BBC Learning ZoneCurriculum-linked film resources. 

BBC Teach: For KS3

Truetube: For RS, PSHE and Citizenship. You need an account fo this but it's free!

REonline.org: High quality, comprehensive coverage of religion and world views.



Kitchen Science: Get your science head on at home!

Encounter Edu: Great selection of STEAM activities facilitating practise in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.


Technology Student: Has absolutely everything a student needs to expand their knowledge and skills.

Stem.org: A fantastic resource with lots of project based material you can get your teeth into.

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