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Mental Health and Wellbeing

At Queen Elizabeth’s we are committed to empowering our young people.

We believe that a significant aspect of this is helping our students and our community to meet the challenges they face. We know that encouraging good Mental Health in all our students is as important as good physical health.

Mental Health difficulties can be a significant issue for many young people. We also know that most students will, at some time, experience challenges around their wellbeing – feeling down, stressed, or anxious. These are very normal responses and there are ways to help manage these experiences to repair, recover and sustain good mental health.

Please find a list of things that are good for all of us in our everyday lives on our Positive Strategies for Wellbeing page. These are things that help us stay healthy and are important not to neglect when we are feeling anxious or unwell. 

We want to change the conversation around Mental Health and encourage our students to speak out and reach out for help if they're struggling. This is why we are a supporter of Heads Together. To find out more about conversations please click here.

You can also find further support below: 

If you feel like you might need some more support there is lots of help out there for you. Have a look at our Support page. 

Find out more about How are we helping to support our young people.

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