Peripatetic Music Lessons

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Our experienced peripatetic tutors are self-employed and provide one to one instrumental/vocal lessons throughout the day. Most tutors schedule at least 10 lessons each term and, whenever possible they rotate their timetable, so that the students do not miss the same lesson every week. Payments and timetables are arranged with the tutor.

To enquire about lessons please contact the tutors directly. For any other enquiries please contact Lucy Welsman.

Peripatetic Tutor Details

Claire Anstee

Singing (Confidence Boosting and Technique)
01363 777 649

Tim Matthews

Piano and Singing
01363 898 047

Frederiek Maddock

01363 776 499

Dave McKeown

Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute
01395 224 874

Annie Quicke

Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute
01363 772 003

Stuart Toms

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin
01392 851496

Francisca VanHolthoon

01363 85 394

Ben Waring

Drum kit and Percussion
01392 759 005

Josh Westrip