Careers Guidance at QE

Our Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) at QE consists of a number of elements outlined below.

PDP sessions

Our Personal Development Programme,  contains CEIAG sessions. From Year 7, students are guided through careers information and advice, as well as labour market Information. They are guided on how to search for work experience placements, write letters of application, develop CVs and how to analyse skills and qualifications associated with particular careers.

Dedicated on site independent Careers Advisor

We also provide independent careers advice to students. In Year 10 all students are invited to an individual careers interview. Students can also apply for additional careers interviews in any year group by request.

National Careers Events

We arrange visits to national careers events that allow students to talk directly to and make initial contact with industry representatives. We normally take approximately 80 students from Year 9-13 on each trip, on a first come first serve basis. These trips normally have a focus on one of the following areas of interest: Higher education, General Employment and Apprenticeships.

Our Careers Library

The Careers library is well-resourced with annually renewed texts, IT facilities, a full set of prospectuses covering most UK higher education institutions, all local FE colleges and many other specialised colleges. There is a wealth of information to help Sixth Form students make decisions about future choices, to support Year 11 with Post -16 choices and support Year 9 students with subject options.

Year 10 & 12 Work Experience

Students are provided with a week-long work experience both in Year 10 and 12. Students are provided with support, advice, guidance and strategies by their tutors. This helps students to make the most out of the learning experience, from seeking, to gaining and successfully managing the employment placement. 

Please click on the links below for useful documents which will help you to understand the process.

Webview is an on-line database of previously used work experience placements.


Webview User Guide for QE students
Year 10 Work Experience Booklet 2019
Work Experience Parent Information
Work Experience Student Information