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Sixth Form Leadership Team

Meet our Sixth Form Leadership Team for 2023-24!

Lucy Webber Head Girl: Lucy Webber (Leading Events Coordination)
Hello, I’m Lucy Webber and I am fulfilling the roles of Head Girl and Event Organiser. I am currently doing Psychology, PE and Biology A-levels and I am particularly passionate about the psychology surrounding sport. Working alongside the leadership team I hope we can create a constructive student voice within the school, where students’ opinions are valued.
James Webster Head Boy: James Webster (Leading Student Voice – Western Road)
Hello, I am James Webster, and I am our Head boy here at QE. I aim to help as many people as I can in school whether that be teachers or students. I am always keen to listen and assist when I can. I look forward to engaging with the community of Crediton.
Caitlin Vine Deputy Head Girl: Caitlin Vine (Leading Safeguarding – Western Road)
Hello, my name is Caitlin Vine. I study Maths, Further Maths, and Physics at A-level. I’m interested in studying accounting and finance at university or through a degree apprenticeship. My other personal interests include astrophysics and forensic accountancy.
Theo Whish Deputy Head Boy: Theo Whish (Leading EPAS Ambassadors)
Hi, I'm Theo Whish, Deputy Head Boy and EPAS Lead. I am really interested in law and politics and have actually given a speech in the European Parliament as part of the project! I hope you find our scheme fun and insightful in understanding the wider world around us.
Reece Burnison Prefect, Responsibility for Sports and Extra Curricular: Reece Burnison (Leading Student Voice – Barnfield Campus)
I am studying for my A-levels in Law, Sociology and PE. Alongside this I am the Sport and Extra Curricular activity lead within the leadership team. Outside of Sixth Form I enjoy taking part in many outdoor activities. I enjoy football, coaching the U7s, refereeing at youth level and playing in goal for the Crediton United 2nd team.
Katie Hannemann Prefect, Responsibility for Safeguarding (Barnfield Campus): Katie Hannemann
Hi, I'm Katherine Hannemann and I am head of safeguarding on Barnfield campus. Some of my hobbies include, rugby, Formula One and music. I am currently studying Chemistry, Biology and Geography for my A-levels, in hopes for a science-based career in the future.
Lucy Kelly Prefect, Responsibility for Arts and Creativity: Lucy Kelly
Hi, I'm Lucy Kelly and am responsible for Arts and Creativity. I am currently studying Drama, Geography and Biology and am particularly passionate about musical theatre. Through my role on the leadership team, I hope to increase access to the creative arts, allowing as many people as possible to be involved.
Shihab Kassim Prefect, Responsibility for Mental Health and Wellbeing: Shihab Kassim
Hello there, my name is Shihab and I am responsible for mental health in the student leadership team, I am currently studying Drama, Art and Product Design, some of my hobbies consist of eating food, playing with Lego and being happy. If you see me around, please say hello.
Imogen Cunningham Prefect, Responsibility for Sustainability: Imogen Cunningham
My name is Imogen Cunningham and I am the Sixth Form sustainability representative. I study Sociology, Geography and Art for my A-levels. I am passionate about the environment and for my role I want to help the school reduce its carbon footprint. I believe we should all take responsibility to look after our environment.
Lottie Harris Prefect, Responsibility for Sustainability: Lottie Harris
My name is Lottie Harris and I’m currently studying for my A-levels in the Sixth Form. I’m studying Biology, Geography and Psychology and am really enjoying it. My role as the sustainability representative mean that I look into how to improve the carbon footprint and green areas around the school. I believe that it is our responsibility to improve our school’s environment.


Sixth Form gold transparrent

Why have a Sixth Form Leadership Team?

The team's objectives are to ensure greater student investment and participation in day-to-day school operations, decisions and culture, whilst simultaneously supporting younger students at QE, who may be struggling in school, via casual drop in sessions. 

They will achieve this by working across the school, as, mentors, facilitators, advocates and organisers in a number of areas, including mental health, diversity and equality, events and extra-curricular activities.


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