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Sixth Form Leadership Team

Meet our Sixth Form Leadership Team for 2023-24!

Lucy Webber Head Girl: Lucy Webber (Leading Events Coordination)
James Webster Head Boy: James Webster (Leading Student Voice – Western Road)
Caitlin Vine Deputy Head Girl: Caitlin Vine (Leading Safeguarding – Western Road)
Theo Whish Deputy Head Boy: Theo Whish (Leading EPAS Ambassadors)
Reece Burnison Prefect, Responsibility for Sports and Extra Curricular: Reece Burnison (Leading Student Voice – Barnfield Campus)
Katie Hannemann Prefect, Responsibility for Safeguarding (Barnfield Campus): Katie Hannemann
Lucy Kelly Prefect, Responsibility for Arts and Creativity: Lucy Kelly
Shihab Kassim Prefect, Responsibility for Mental Health and Wellbeing: Shihab Kassim
Imogen Cunningham Prefect, Responsibility for Sustainability: Imogen Cunningham
Lottie Harris Prefect, Responsibility for Sustainability: Lottie Harris


Sixth Form gold transparrent

Why have a Sixth Form Leadership Team?

The team's objectives are to ensure greater student investment and participation in day-to-day school operations, decisions and culture, whilst simultaneously supporting younger students at QE, who may be struggling in school, via casual drop in sessions. 

They will achieve this by working across the school, as, mentors, facilitators, advocates and organisers in a number of areas, including mental health, diversity and equality, events and extra-curricular activities.


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