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Pastoral teams

Our pastoral teams are organised so that in the first two years at secondary school students have a static team specialising in this important transition, from Year 9 onwards Year Team Leaders progress through the school with their Year group, which allows them to develop a thorough knowledge of your child’s needs and form strong relationship with them. 

Each Year Team Leader has a team of Tutors who usually follow your child through the school.  Their Tutor will be their first port of call for any worries they or their parents may have, and be a consistent presence in their day to day school lives.  They will deliver the weekly Personal Development Programme (PDP) in some year groups and whenever our split site timetable allows, be there during morning registration to settle them in to the day.

The focus of the pastoral teams is the welfare and safety of their groups, ensuring that all students can thrive and make progress while maintaining healthy lifestyles, relationships and making safe choices about their own wellbeing.  They will also encourage great learning habits and maintain fundamentals in the school’s rules, such as uniform.

This team alongside our Home School Liaison Officers (HSLOs) support your child through their school journey, especially past milestones such as transition, moving to the Western Road Campus, choosing options and starting GCSEs, the pastoral team are there to ensure smooth progress through school and beyond into the outside World.

Our pastoral team is led by Alastair Smith on the Barnfield Campus and Chris Darvill on the Western Road Campus (Assistant Principals).

If you have any questions or concerns in these areas, please do email your child’s Tutor in the first instance, or for more serious or cross-curricular concerns, their Year Team Leader.

For subject specific queries or issues around teaching and learning, please contact the teacher directly or Learning Area Team Leader in charge.  They are best placed to answer specifics about the lessons and work they have been doing.


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