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Student Support & SEND

We provide extensive support for students at QE, which ranges from help with behavioural challenges, to access to a fully trained Counsellor.

At the heart of our support is our excellent pastoral system. This is based on each student having a Personal Tutor, whose job it is to get to know the student through regular contact in the morning registration session.

They operate under a Year Team Leader, who is a very experienced member of teaching staff who makes sure that Every Child really does Matter. Working together with other safeguarding staff, these Year teams have a focus on the welfare and readiness to learn of their students.

If ever there are issues concerning you regarding your child’s wellbeing, emotional health, happiness in school or willingness to learn, please do contact their tutor in the first instance.

The wider Student Support Team includes our School Counsellors, Emily King and Julie Lowenthal, who work across both campuses and providing individual, group or child and parent counselling, as well as lunchtime drop in support groups.  Students can self-refer to Lynne if they wish, or can ask any member of staff to arrange an appointment with them.

We also have Student Support Bases on both campuses, which are run by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals with a wide range of backgrounds.  As well as managing some aspects of the school’s behaviour and sanction system, they also provide all day support for students who may be struggling with their emotional wellbeing, will help monitor student’s on behaviour plans to see how they are progressing and also deliver a suite of intervention courses designed to meet the needs of any student with additional needs.

These courses include Anger Management, Managing Friendships and Social Skills, Protective Behaviours, Drug and Alcohol Support, Solution Focussed Coaching and also Forest School Skills (among others).  These interventions are run in groups or on a 1:1 basis to suit the needs of the individual, and are designed to help students to cope with daily school life, but also the wider challenges of being a young person today.

Support for students with Emotional Health and Wellbeing is also widely catered for, where we have mental health ‘champions’ working closely with the CAMHS EH4MH programme to provide advice and guidance for young people and the staff who work alongside them.  Mindfulness classes are also offered, particularly when exam time looms!

The School Nursing Team also work closely alongside the Student Support Network to ensure that Health Education and support form part of our services and is integral in the PDP period.

All matters relating to behaviour, attendance, school admissions and welfare are managed by this extensive support network which is led by Alastair Smith on the Barnfield Campus and Chris Darvill on the Western Road Campus, who are both Assistant Principals.

We also take Child Protection and Safeguarding extremely seriously at QE and any issues should be referred directly to Rupert Poole, who as well as being Principal, oversees safeguarding in school, or Alastair Smith who is Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead or Caroline Bond our Safeguarding Officer.

Our SENDCo is Amanda Middllemost, if you have any questions relating to SEND provision at QE, you can reach her at a.middlemost@qe.devon.sch.uk


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