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Student Support & Wellbeing

Student Support

Supporting Student Welfare and Happiness

At QE School, we pride ourselves on the expansive support that we offer our students. Whilst the school operates within a ‘conventional’ pastoral structure, each child having a tutor and year team leader, the strands of support are what differentiates us from other schools.

• A safeguarding lead on each site 
• Sixth Form - Peer Mentoring
• Richard Whitehouse - Mental Health Coach
• A robust PSHE/RSHE offer
• Student Receptions on each site
• Art Therapy / Lego Therapy / Forest School 
• School Nurse

Accessing Support

If you feel as though you require additional help and support with your child’s wellbeing, please contact their Year Team Leader. They will be able to triage your query and ensure that it is directed to the correct member of staff.

Mrs Oliver2 Georgina Everitt Emily Morgan Mr Baptist Kylie Mardell Ms Evans
Dulcie Oliver Georgina Everitt Emily Morgan Mark Baptist Kylie Mardell Vicky Evans
Year 7
Team Leader
Year 8
Team Leader
Year 9
Team Leader
Year 10
Team Leader
Year 11
Team Leader
Head of
Sixth Form


Supportive Behaviours

Essential to the wellbeing and happiness of all students is the establishment of calm and safe spaces. Whether this is in the dining hall or the classroom, we strive to have students supported by peers who are respectful and polite. On occasions, students will make the wrong choices, an essential part of their personal development. On these occasions, students may be asked to spend some time in the Timeout room. It is important to know that on both sites, these rooms are staffed with individuals who are trained in supporting student welfare. Their training ranges from attachment-based mentoring to master’s in education. If a child is sent to Timeout, it is not merely a punitive measure, it is a unique opportunity to unpick the issues that are causing their dysregulation. The staff’s adherence to the school’s behaviour policy underpins much of the work that we are able to do with student wellbeing

ChatHealth YPPoster May2020

Further information about the School Nursing Team, including how to request a referral, can be found on the Devon County Council website here:  School Nursing - Education and Families

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