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Art and Photography

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"Creativity is as important as literacy." - Ken Robinson

Art provides us with a universal language and is a necessary part of communication. Studying Art and Design plays an essential role in the academic, intellectual, moral and philosophical development of young people.

By providing opportunities for creative learning through the enquiry, exploration, investigation and experimentation of ideas, concepts, themes and cultures we provide a valuable and unique educational experience, which develops:

  • Effective communicators
  • Autonomous critical thinkers
  • Creative problems solvers
  • Visually literate individuals

Through this experience we promote a love of creative thinking, and of learning, that can be translated into any future career path.

Our Aims:

  • To share our passion and enthusiasm for working creatively through developing accessible, inclusive and enjoyable experiences for our students.
  • To develop the students’ confidence, sense of self and citizenship through exploration and self-expression of ideas, values, concepts and beliefs.
  • To develop the students' intellectual knowledge and critical understanding by researching and responding to ideas and concepts from other artists, times and cultures.
  • To develop the students’ skills through experimenting with a variety of techniques, media and processes.
  • To raise the profile of the creative industries as an available career pathway.
  • To support further educational and professional aspirations by furnishing them with the necessary skills, experiences and qualifications to take the next step studying Art based subject at FE or HE.Graphic
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