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Free school transport to and from school is available to any student below the age of sixteen who lives further than three miles from the school and for whom QE is the designated school.

All school transport is handled by Devon County Council, so any requests or enquiries about this issue need to go straight to them via the Devon County Council Website, or by contacting them on 0345 155 1019, schooltransportservicequeries-mailbox@devon.gov.uk. This includes decisions about who may or may not travel on school buses.

We would encourage students to cycle or walk to school if they can do so safely and provide lockers and bike storage facilities for those who do.

Severe weather arrangements for transport.

In cases where buses cannot run because of severe weather, a message will appear on this website and local radio stations will be informed, usually by 7.30.  Devon County Council will also update their school transport website with further information on any route closures/changes.  You can also receive notifications directly from Devon County Council of any changes affecting routes by signing up to their subscription service.

Devon County Council's transport code of conduct can also be found here:


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