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Queen Elizabeth's Uniform Policy


The school supports a uniform policy for students in Years 7 to 11.

  • The uniform is expected to provide:
  • An identity which links the student to QE
  • A transition from son/daughter to student
  • Opportunity for students to feel that they are dressed for the business of learning

The school will consider supporting families financially with the costs of the uniform. Details of the criteria of eligibility and how to apply are in the Charging and Remissions Policy, and eligibility for support is available for all students in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding upon application. - See the Pupil Premium Policy.

Uniform items are:

  • *QE Black School Jacket / *QE Black School Fitted Jacket with pockets
  • Current QE School Tie, to be worn with the knot tight to the shirt collar and with ends of equal length
  • White formal shirt worn tucked in to trousers/skirt
  • *Optional QE School grey V-neck sweater with gold/black neck stripes and logo. To be worn for additional warmth with jacket - not instead of
  • *Black formal pressed trousers, black box pleated skirt or black formal tailored shorts
  • Tights - plain black or grey
  • Socks - plain black or grey
  • All black leather or leather effect shoes (Not trainers – no motifs/badges, no high heels/stilettos).
  • Outside clothing - plain weatherproof coat (not a ‘hoody’, cardigan or pullover top
  • The Sixth Form students should wear clothing appropriate for attendance in the work place.

*These items should be purchased from Thomas Moore, Fore Street, Exeter. If you purchase a school skirt or trousers from another supplier they should be indistinguishable from the items supplied by Thomas Moore. The Sixth Form should wear clothing appropriate for attendance at College.

Clarification on trousers, skirts and shorts: Trousers should be a straight leg style and hang free from the ankle, ‘skinny fit’ styles made from stretch fabric that are tightly fitted are not permitted. Skirts and shorts must be of a suitable length and cover the thigh to just above the knee.

Additional items:

  • Students are only permitted to have one earring in each ear
  • Only stud ear rings and sleepers will be allowed but the sleeper must be a solid, continuous hoop no larger than a 5p coin
  • Clear or flesh coloured nose stud retainer only
  • All other piercings must be removed
  • All other jewellery must be discreet in style and not overly large or obvious
  • Hair must be of a broadly natural hair colour and not be of unusual design e.g. Mohicans, designs cut in etc. Long hair may need to be tied back for Health and Safety reasons in some subjects
  • Make up and nail varnish if worn should be discreetly applied and not be overtly visible or colourful. Excess make up may have to be removed
  • Bags suitable for carrying school books and other essential items such as PE kits are required

Other guidance:

  • If in any doubt as to an item’s suitability, parents/carers are advised to contact their son/daughter’s Year Team Leader before choosing, thus avoiding potential confusion or disappointment later on.
  • We advise that you retain receipts for uniform items bought from suppliers other than those mentioned above.
  • The school expects students to remain in full uniform whilst on school premises and on the journey to and from school.
  • It is at the Principal’s discretion in warm weather to allow students to remove blazers.
  • Members of the Support and Leadership Team will ultimately decide whether uniform rules have been infringed
  • Failure to comply with these rules will be dealt with under the Behaviour Policy.

PE Kit

PE Kit can be purchased from the Library on both sites.

We are very proud of the QE badge and so, we have high expectations of students looking prepared and smart for PE lessons. All students must be prepared for PE and we ask parents/carers to purchase the QE branded kit which can be found below.

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