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Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership

Who Are They?

At QE School, we seek to provide our hardest working, most conscientious and dedicated students with the opportunity to affect change within the school. These students exhibit the best behaviours and act as role models for their peers. They will also hold school leaders to account for some of the most important areas within the school. As such, there will be a strict pre-requisites which will include the following;
• No exclusions for the previous year
• In the top 10% of their year group for Class Charts Merits
• In the bottom 5% of their year group for demerits

What Do They Do?
The positions available within the Student Leadership Team are detailed below. There will be one head and one deputy student leader. The other positions will be occupied by one student from the Western Road Campus and one from the Barnfield Campus;

Student Leadership graphic

When Do They Do It?

The annual process for student leadership team appointments and meetings are as follows;  


 Student Leadership graphic 2

Throughout the course of the year, the 4th and 5th week’s cycle of meetings will be repeated.

Growing Students as Future Leaders

The most significant factor in the enrolment of any student leader into the student leadership team is the potential to be exposed to events and activities. These activities will prepare our student leaders for a lifetime of successful employment. Some of the benefits that student leaders will have are;
• School tours
• Direct access to school leaders
• An ability to be the voice of their peers
• Involvement in new staff recruitment
• Collect and analyse peer feedback about the school
• Student leadership drop in surgeries
• An opportunity to present to the senior leadership team
• School fundraising
• New prefect presentations


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