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Sixth Form Leadership Team

Meet our Sixth Form Leadership Team for 2021-22!

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From left to right:

August Shaw - Lead Student for Diversity and Equality

My pronouns are they/them, and I'm studying English Literature, Sociology and Philosophy and Ethics at sixth form. I've been passionate about diversity and inclusivity for a long time, and I'm excited to help improve on these things within QE, making it a safer place for all students.

Peter Maunder - Lead Student for Wastern Road Campus

I'm Peter Maunder born in Miami, Florida and studying Maths, Physics, and Art at A levels. I aspire to work in the robotics industry and sail for a hobby. My vision for the coming year is to work with my associate Alice Gillick to enable all voices to be heard at Western Road, and to change the stereotype attached to leadership teams.

Alice Turner - Deputy Head Student

Hi I’m Alice, I’m currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Geography at Sixth Form. I hope to study Medicine at University. Outside of school, I enjoy Eventing and Singing.

Livvy Field - Lead Student for Barnfield Campus

Hi I’m Livvy, I am currently studying Biology, Psychology and Sociology in sixth form. I enjoy spending time with friends and I’m excited to be part of the leadership team this year. After my A-level studies I’m looking forward to going to university to study Sociology.

Katherine Prosser - Head Student

Hi, I’m Katherine and I’m studying A levels in Chemistry, Biology and Maths. I’m hoping to study medicine at university next year. I am an approachable and enthusiastic student and as head student I’m looking forward to getting more involved with the school.

Alice Gillick - Lead Student for Western Road Campus

I’m Alice, I am the Head of Western Road site prefect along with Peter. I am currently studying Biology, Art and History and I have a love of sport, playing as well as coaching hockey outside of school. I am hoping to go on to study Archaeology and Anthropology at university.

Rowan Karkeek - Lead Responsibility for Sport and Extra Curricular Activities

Hi, I'm Rowan and I am currently studying PE, Outdoor Ed and Geography. I enjoy playing and coaching football in my spare time. Once I have finished my A Levels, my ambition for the future is to work abroad, ideally in a role focused on sports.

Katie Baptist - Lead Student for Mental Health Awareness 

I'm Katie, I'm studying A level Psychology, Business and Sociology here at QE which I'm thoroughly enjoying. I'm very happy to be part of the mental health and well-being section of the student leadership team this year and I hope to be able to make a positive impact to the school!

Caleb Oliver - Head Student

I am Caleb Oliver, one of the Head students for the QE student leadership team. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Drama with the aim of applying to Exeter University. Outside of school I enjoy playing rugby and I am looking forward to supporting the school in any way I can.

Mia Hodge - Lead Student for Arts and Creativity

I’m so excited to be a part of the sixth form leadership team as a representative for arts and creativity. Music and drama is something I’m very passionate about. Being able to contribute would be a wonderful experience for me, especially with the school production upcoming. I’m currently studying A-Level Drama, Law and English Literature, which I have found most enjoyable.

Ella Durand - Lead Student for Diversity and Equality 

My name is Ella Durand and I am currently studying History, Sociology and Philosophy and Ethics. Within my position as prefect leading Diversity and Inclusion in the student leadership team, it is important that I deliver information in an accessible manner so all pupils can easily understand it to ensure equal opportunities for everyone at QE.

Felicity Webber - Lead Student for Barnfield Campus

My name is Felicity. As part of the leadership team, I am one of the leads for Barnfield where I hope to help the students at the Barnfield campus as much as I can. I am currently studying Philosophy and Ethics, Psychology and Sociology to hopefully become an RE teacher.

Fergus Kingsley - Sixth Form Event Coordinator

Hello, I'm Fergus, Event planner and member of the prefect team at Queen Elizabeth’s. I'm currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at the Western Road campus. During my time on the prefect team, I hope to provide students with many positive experiences during their time in the school.

Ella Sidlow - Lead Student for Mental Health Awareness

Hi, I’m Ella; I joined QE last year at the start of my A-levels having previously been to school in Hong Kong, Wellington, and Ibiza. I’m studying Sociology, Business and Chemistry and I became part of the leadership team in July. My responsibility within the team is for mental health and I think this is particularly important at the current time with all the additional stresses caused by the pandemic. I would like to help as many students as possible with these issues.

 Anya Tydeman - Deputy Head Student (not pictured) 

I’m Anya, one of the deputy head students this year and I’m studying psychology and sociology and want to go into teaching after I leave. I’m really excited to fill this position and hope I can be of help to others who might need support.

Sixth Form gold transparrent

Why have a Sixth Form Leadership Team?

The team's objectives are to ensure greater student investment and participation in day-to-day school operations, decisions and culture, whilst simultaneously supporting younger students at QE, who may be struggling in school, via casual drop in sessions. 

They will achieve this by working across the school, as, mentors, facilitators, advocates and organisers in a number of areas, including mental health, diversity and equality, events and extra-curricular activities.


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