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Complaints Procedure

Concerns and Complaints

It is in everyone’s interest that concerns, and complaints are resolved at the earliest possible stage. Many issues can be resolved informally, without the need to use the formal stages of the complaints procedure.

The Trust values its relationship with parents, carers, and our local community. We are happy to receive suggestions and comments outside of this policy, as this can help us to identify areas of success and where we can make improvements.

The difference between a concern and a complaint
An expression of worry or doubt over an issue considered to be important for which reassurances are sought and a resolution is found at school level An expression of serious dissatisfaction of previous concerns not resolved at school level and initially raised with the head teacher


If you have a Pastoral, Teaching, Learning or Progress concern 

Please contact the school and speak to the Tutor, you can find their emails here:

Teaching Staff Email Addresses

If you have a Safeguarding concern 

Please contact a member of our Safeguarding Team:

Key Staff

 If you are Whistleblowing and have a concern you would like to report 
Please use the information on the Trust website under the 'Whistleblowing policy'.  
 If you have used the above approaches and wish to take the matter further, please now contact the Head of Year or Subject to escalate the concern:

Head of Year

Head of Subject

 If you have still not had an appropriate response please contact the Head Teacher.

Please note that you are likely to reach a resolution faster by using the above stages first. The Head may only respond if the above stages have been fulfilled.

Contact the Head Teacher


Submit a Complaint

After you have completed these stages and you still wish to submit a formal complaint, please use the following form link:

Submit a Complaint


Complaints Process Timeline

There is an expectation that complaints would be resolved at school level and that mediation would take place to build trust in any breakdown in relationships between the complainant and the school. If the complaint escalates through the formal complaint stages set out in the Complaints Policy, the time span would range between 10 school days through to 80 school days.

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