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Year 7 Rocket Scientists

7th November was a wild and blustery afternoon but 20 of QE’s finest new mathematicians gathered undaunted to construct rockets.

Students were given the raw materials: sellotape, card and colours. The point of the exercise was simple; build a rocket that could be fired from the launcher, with the sole aim of travelling the furthest horizontal distance.

The Year 7s surged into action, busily discussing design features and tactics. Gradually they came up with and tested their prototypes, fine tuning their efforts and trying to squeeze every extra metre out of their machines.

IMG 9953

The unforgiving weather meant that we had to reconfigure the launch so that it was now out of the window of L24. This gave a nice high launch pad. There was still a gusty wind howling round the maths block, so a tricky task still lay ahead.

Eventually the test firing started. Mr Law was entrusted with pumping up the high pressure air launch. The switch was then quickly tripped and with a satisfying bang, the rockets started shooting through the autumn air.

IMG 9984IMG 9980IMG 9973

Eventually after many strong efforts there were two clear front runners.

One made by the girl’s team screamed through the air at a terrifying pace, eventually hitting the ground at an amazing 40m distance!

The other one had already marked itself out to observers after it nearly shot a hole in the ceiling during a test run. In the window launch it went so far that it had to be fished out of a tree inside the nature reserve at the edge of the school grounds. Once it had managed a flight that came back to earth it posted an amazing 64m distance.

Thanks to all the Year 7 students who participated with enthusiasm and determination. It was great fun and gave us some memorable moments.

IMG 9971IMG 9953IMG 9951IMG 9964

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