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We would like to inform you about a development to our behaviour policy, known as Ready to Learn. This is a behaviour management strategy, which has at its heart a drive to improve the quality of learning for all our students and to ensure that your child is able to achieve excellent progress here at Queen Elizabeth’s.

You may be aware that we have spent the last two terms researching the behaviour of our students and its impact on learning and progress. Many of our students identify that the poor behaviour of a minority of students disrupts their learning. This echoes the findings of a national report commissioned by Ofsted called Below the Radar. The report identifies that a key barrier to progress in schools can be low-level disruption. Here at QE we are clear that we will not allow the behaviour of a minority of students to have a detrimental impact on the quality of learning for others.

In the classroom, the Ready to Learn strategy gives clear expectations for teachers and students to enable teachers to teach and students to learn effectively. This is a straightforward system. It does not represent a change in our values and expectations, however it does enable decisive action to be taken to ensure that these expectations are consistently and rigorously applied. Please see the attached PowerPoint presentation that formed the basis of the student assemblies today.

Essentially, the aims of the system are:

  • To eliminate all disruptive behaviour, so that there is a scholarly culture where students take learning seriously and no learning time is wasted
  • To provide clarity for staff and students about acceptable behaviour and the consequences of poor behaviour or behaviour that means students are not ready to learn
  • To foster an environment of mutual respect between staff and students
  • To encourage students to be self-motivated and responsible, independent learners who take responsibility for their own actions
  • To enable teachers to deliver lessons that inspire, engage, challenge and support students to reflect on their learning in a positive learning environment free from interruptions

In class, the teacher will give one warning to any student who is not meeting the Ready to Learn expectations. If this is repeated, he/she will be sent to work in the Ready to Learn room. The student will remain in this room for their learning for one full teaching day (5 lessons) and for a one hour detention at the end of the same day they have been sent. Parents/Carers will be informed of the same day detention by the Ready to Learn Manager as soon as possible and the class teacher will contact you to discuss the particular concern within 24 hrs of the student being sent. The class teacher will also meet with your child for a restorative conversation, so that the issue can be resolved and to support future learning.

We appreciate that some students have additional educational needs which make it more difficult for them to regulate some aspects of their behaviour; these students need our complete support. The strategy will, therefore, include a tariff of reasonable adjustments which are personalised for individual students. An intervention and support programme will be implemented if the student has multiple incidents of poor behaviour.

Should your child disrupt the learning in class, it is important for parents and carers to note that the same day detention may interfere with transport arrangements for them. Parents/Carers will be responsible for making alternative plans for their son or daughter’s journey home at 4.15pm. We shall send a message based on the contact details we have on our records so it is important that you not only inform us if these details change but also ensure that we have a number of alternative contacts in our records.

This system will begin to be phased in on Monday 19 June. For the first two weeks of the introduction of Ready to Learn, if a student is sent from a lesson, they will complete only the remainder of that lesson in the Ready to Learn room, however they will be required to complete an after school detention on the same day. The full system whereby the student attends the Ready to Learn room for their learning for a full working day will operate from Monday 3rd July.

Please would you discuss this with your child so that they have a clear understanding about the expectations and consequences of Ready to Learn.

We are currently reviewing all of our systems that support excellent student conduct in and around school for implementation in September and will write to you with further information regarding this at the end of term.

The Ready to Learn approach is meeting with considerable success nationally and in a number of other Devon schools. Applying these clear standards of learning behaviour enables opportunities for teachers and students to be creative in their approach to learning, which in turn leads to inspiration, motivation and progress.

Thank you for your support with this. Working together we can ensure the best education for your child and continue to raise standards still further at Queen Elizabeth’s.

Yours sincerely

Rupert Poole, Principal & Paula Smith, Vice Principal

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