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QE Teacher Attends Science on Stage


STEM Teachers from across Europe Gathered in Portugal to Develop Skills for the Future.

QE’s Head of Physics, Nick Baker, represented the school and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) at the recent European Science on Stage Festival, which was this year held in Cascais, Portugal.
Eleven of the UK’s most creative and passionate STEM teachers attended the festival, with Mr Baker’s attendance supported by a bursary from The Ogden Trust.
Under the festival motto of ‘skills for the future’, Mr Baker presented his work on using junk modelling to teach students about collecting solar energy for a future space mission.

Mr Baker explains; “Taking part in Science on Stage was a huge privilege this year and very inspirational. My teaching project aims to improve engagement and progress in physics education through a practical, problem-solving task. During a series of lessons students have to construct a working device that heats water from sunshine on a fictional space mission to another planet. The construction has to be made from materials such as bottles, food packaging and other ‘recovered, reused or recycled’ components. During the sessions, students have to plan, make and evaluate their creations. They have to work as a team, communicate effectively, work with limited resources and meet deadlines. It has been a real pleasure to talk through my ideas and strategies with colleagues from other countries. I am now able to return to my school motivated and equipped to bring more creativity, more ‘magic’, and more Nobel Prize winning science into my lessons to enhance the experience for learners of all abilities.”
Science on Stage the largest European educational fair for STEM teachers, with about 450 teachers from over 30 countries coming together to exchange best practice teaching concepts. They presented their ideas in a fair, in workshops, and performances. The goal of the festival is to improve STEM teaching by supporting educators in their professional development and growth.

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