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Diploma Evening

Over the past two years, many of our Sixth Form students have been working towards the Queen Elizabeth’s Sixth Form Diploma Award.

The Diploma evening is all about celebrating the journey our students have made since they entered the school as bright-eyed Year 7s, and, in particular, celebrating the tremendous distance they have covered over the last two years, because it has been a significant change. Every single student at the event was invited because they have worked hard and shown themselves to be committed to achieving their very best academically. But they have gone over and above that, too. They have stretched and challenged themselves to try something new.

This is a way for us to recognise and celebrate the achievements of those students who have not only worked conscientiously in their studies but who have also participated fully in extra-curricular activities, both inside and outside the school. These students have shown careful planning and reflection on their future career aspirations and have experienced the world of work, either through employment or short-term work placements.

Over 100 of our Year 13 students qualified for the award this year and many spoke throughout the evening about their challenges, commitments and the rewards of their extra-curricular activities over the past two years; from community action with children with special educational needs, work experience placements in hospitals, architect's offices or law firms, Ten Tors and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, to creative and performance-based achievements. QE students have travelled widely, too, from Germany to China, with many UK-based expeditions along the way.

Many members of the Crediton community have worked with us over the last two years to support these awards – Neighbourhood Friends and the Crediton Playscheme, Age Concern and Rotary club, have put our students through rigorous mock interviews and critiqued their CVs, our governors and endowment governors kindly sponsored this evening.

Lucy Jones, Head of Sixth Form said “we are very proud to be sending such enthusiastic, talented and committed young people out into the world. I have been amazed, working with these young people, at the incredible range and breadth of extra-curricular activities our students get up to… They are certainly well-equipped for the challenges of the world outside of QE”

“I don’t know where each and every student is going to end up in life, but I do know that they are decent, strong, resilient and hard-working young people, and they deserve the best. We have this evening to celebrate their metamorphosis and to wish them well on the next stage of their journey.”

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