What Can I Do There?

We provide full wrap round care for our Boarders, so we not only organise all their meals and accommodation, but also support for their studies in the evenings.

We also have a huge range of after school activities, all of which Boarders can join in with if they wish. This includes our Sports Academy, which offers professional coaching in a wide range of sports. We also have a programme of events and activities that are especially for Boarders, usually at the weekends.

We are lucky to have a sports hall nearby, so Boarders can play supervised games in the evenings. We also have a well equipped Library where students can study and access an excellent range of books and materials, as well as borrow laptops and iPads. We also have a state of the art recording studio and practice rooms in the Music centre, which is very near the Boarding houses.

Of course, Boarders do have freedoms, especially as they get older and are allowed to visit the local towns, especially Exeter, which is easy to get to. They are also allowed to stay with friends, once we have made the necessary checks.