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The Support and Leadership Team and Team Leaders are as follows

Leadership Team

Paula Smith - Headteacher

Suzanne Lienert - Senior Deputy Headteacher

Alexandra Blagden - Deputy Headteacher: Quality of Education

Jack Fahy - Assistant Headteacher

Clare Marcus-Embleton - Business and Operations Team Leader

Jess Winters - SENDCO

Victoria Hopkins Bond - Director of English and Performing Arts

Max Wallace - Director of Maths and Visual Arts

Kate Simons - Director of Science and Technology

Jo Cherrett - Director of French and EBACC

Colin Skinner - Director of Sport and Professional Learning

Heads of Subject

Justine Morton - Visual Arts

Lucy Welsman - Music

Vicky Evans - Drama

Wilf Richer - Technology

Natalie Manwaring - Geography

Jen Kendall - History and Business

Susan Dereza - RE, Sociology and Law

Year Team Leadership 2023/2024

Year 7 - Dulcie Oliver

Year 8 - Georgina Everitt

Year 9 - Emily Morgan

Year 10 - Mark Baptist

Year 11 - Kylie Mardell 

Sixth Form - Vicky Evans

Support Staff Officers

Jesney Stone - Safeguarding

Diane Mannion - Attendance

Sarah Steele - Finance 

Julie Copp - Personnel

Martin Crocker - Premises

Stefan Bastyan - ICT

Lisa Gillard - Communications

Natalie Wills - Data

Chey Taylor - Cover

Nick Raymond - Catering

Contacting Staff

Our email addresses are the member of staff's forename.surname@qe.devon.sch.uk for example Joe Bloggs would be joe.bloggs@qe.devon.sch.uk

For general enquiries or if you are not sure who to email, please contact reception on reception@qe.devon.sch.uk and we will forward your message on.

Teaching Staff Email Addresses

Victoria Albrighton victoria.albrighton@qe.devon.sch.uk
Jenni Baker jenni.baker@qe.devon.sch.uk
Mark Baptist mark.baptist@qe.devon.sch.uk
Kate Bentham kate.bentham@qe.devon.sch.uk
Alexandra Blagden alexandra.blagden@qe.devon.sch.uk
Tom Blagden tom.blagden@qe.devon.sch.uk
Ian Butler ian.butler@qe.devon.sch.uk
Jo Cherrett jo.cherrett@qe.devon.sch.uk
Amy Close amy.close@qe.devon.sch.uk
Monica Cowling monica.cowling@qe.devon.sch.uk
Lara Czerwenka lara.czerwenka@qe.devon.sch.uk
Susan Dereza susan.dereza@qe.devon.sch.uk
Robert Dewis robert.dewis@qe.devon.sch.uk
Malcolm Dickson malcolm.dickson@qe.devon.sch.uk
Lauren Dunk lauren.dunk@qe.devon.sch.uk
Vicky Evans vicky.evans@qe.devon.sch.uk
Georgina Everitt georgina.everitt@qe.devon.sch.uk
Sarah Everitt Sarah.Everitt@qe.devon.sch.uk
Jack Fahy jack.fahy@qe.devon.sch.uk
Tiffany Gaston tiffany.gaston@qe.devon.sch.uk
Ross Gillon ross.gillon@qe.devon.sch.uk
Anthony Hall anthony.hall@qe.devon.sch.uk
Carina Hall carina.hall@qe.devon.sch.uk
David Harris david.harris@qe.devon.sch.uk
John Hayes John.Hayes@qe.devon.sch.uk
Jacob Heard Jacob.HEARD@qe.devon.sch.uk
Claudia Hill claudia.hill@qe.devon.sch.uk
Emma Hopkin emma.hopkin@qe.devon.sch.uk
Victoria Hopkins Bond victoria.hopkinsbond@qe.devon.sch.uk
Lisa Kemp lisa.kemp@qe.devon.sch.uk
Jen Kendall jen.kendall@qe.devon.sch.uk
Becky Kinge-Whiteley becky.kingewhiteley@qe.devon.sch.uk
Danielle Lambert danielle.lambert@qe.devon.sch.uk
Pat Laver pat.laver@qe.devon.sch.uk
Annette Lloyd Annette.Lloyd@qe.devon.sch.uk
Natalie Manwaring natalie.manwaring@qe.devon.sch.uk
Kylie Mardell kylie.mardell@qe.devon.sch.uk
Elisabeth McHugh Elisabeth.McHugh@qe.devon.sch.uk
Rachel Mercer rachel.mercer@qe.devon.sch.uk
Emily Morgan emily.morgan@qe.devon.sch.uk
Justine Morton justine.morton@qe.devon.sch.uk
Helen Mynard helen.mynard@qe.devon.sch.uk
Jill Noakes jill.noakes@qe.devon.sch.uk
Clementine Noble clementine.noble@qe.devon.sch.uk
Dulcie Oliver dulcie.oliver@qe.devon.sch.uk
Michele Ovenden michele.ovenden@qe.devon.sch.uk
Ayala Over ayala.over@qe.devon.sch.uk
Julia Owen julia.owen@qe.devon.sch.uk
Abigail Pidgeon abigail.pidgeon@qe.devon.sch.uk
Natasha Quick natasha.quick@qe.devon.sch.uk
Emily Raud emily.raud@qe.devon.sch.uk
Wilf Richer wilf.richer@qe.devon.sch.uk
Taylor Ross Taylor.Ross@qe.devon.sch.uk
Emma Ruiz emma.ruiz@qe.devon.sch.uk
Kate Simons kate.simons@qe.devon.sch.uk
Colin Skinner colin.skinner@qe.devon.sch.uk
Chloe Smith chloe.smith@qe.devon.sch.uk
Shaun Stanbury shaun.stanbury@qe.devon.sch.uk
Cara Stockman cara.stockman@qe.devon.sch.uk
Kevin Taylor Kevin.Taylor@qe.devon.sch.uk
Paul Tearle paul.tearle@qe.devon.sch.uk
Lydia Timbrell lydia.timbrell@qe.devon.sch.uk
Max Wallace max.wallace@qe.devon.sch.uk
Tim Ward tim.ward@qe.devon.sch.uk
Lucy Welsman lucy.welsman@qe.devon.sch.uk
Teri White teri.white@qe.devon.sch.uk
Samantha Whitehead samantha.whitehead@qe.devon.sch.uk
Faye Williams faye.williams@qe.devon.sch.uk
Martin Willmott martin.willmott@qe.devon.sch.uk
Caroline Wilson caroline.wilson@qe.devon.sch.uk
Jess Winters jess.winters@qe.devon.sch.uk
Brett Woodgate brett.woodgate@qe.devon.sch.uk
Jessie Woodhouse jessie.woodhouse@qe.devon.sch.uk
John Wright john.wright@qe.devon.sch.uk
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