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Ten Tors Training 2017

We are now in the midst of Ten Tors preparations and our staff are conducting progressive training on Dartmoor to ensure that all of our walkers are ready to undertake the Ten Tors and Jubilee Challenges.

Once again we have a strong and ambitious group of students participating in the challenge this year. Over the last few weeks the teams have experienced some truly "traditional" Dartmoor weather. Thankfully, it has not all been downpours and cold winds as glorious hints of bright sunshine have rewarded the teams with some breath-taking views over the moors!

During the training students will learn to assess risks, plan routes, carry essential kit, choose escape routes and practice crossing streams. All of the new 35 milers did a great job of getting to grips with navigation and showed great progress throughout the day as they were supported by staff. The 45 and 55 milers utilised their experience of the moor and kept up a great pace between each of the checkpoints.

Keith Baker, who is one of the team mentors, said “Training is going very well and I am confident that we have a strong group of students. We are excited to take them forward to the next phase.”

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