Reaching the Summit, Snowdonia

On Sunday 21st May, some of QE’s Year 7 - 10 students and staff returned from a very successful 3-day mountaineering trip to Snowdonia, one of the many activity weekends run by Outdoor Education.

After a 7-hour bus journey to North Wales, and a comfortable overnight stay at Snowdonia’s original bunkhouse, the group were eager to get out and stretch their legs on a mountain, so of course they chose the tallest in the area; Snowdon!

On Friday, the group made their way up via the Pyg Track and followed the rough path that leads up the side of the mountain. Every once in a while, stopping to take in the scenery or to learn about Snowdonia’s diverse flowers and mosses. After a steep final push, everyone succeeded in reaching the summit of Snowdon. Brief glimpses between the blanketing cloud treated the group to spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. Everyone was feeling tired on the way back down, but with plenty of rest stops and some stone skimming on Llyns (Welsh Lakes) along the way, the group made it back to rest up for the remaining two days of mountaineering.

Before the walk up the Pyg Teack to Snowdon Summit

Before the walk up the Pyg Teack to Snowdon Summit

Reaching the Summit

Reaching the Summit

Saturday was a little less committing than the Snowdon summit day, but it was equally as fun. Heavy rain meant there were plenty of puddles to splash in and streams to leap over, but this made it challenging as it was slippery underfoot in some places. The Year 10’s entertained the group with lots of singing and dancing throughout the day, keeping morale high, right to the end of the walk where we refuelled with some locally made Beddgelert ice cream.

Sunday morning was spent packing and tidying the bunkhouse, before driving to Ogwen Valley for a hike up to Cwm Idwal, a beautiful lake that is surrounded by some impressive looking mountains. After learning a bit about the formation of Snowdonia and hearing a tale or two about how the lake was named, the group walked back to the bus to start the long journey back to Crediton.

Sophie Cameron-Mitchell who lead and organised the group said “It was such a treat to be able to take such enthusiastic pupils into an incredible area like Snowdonia, thank you to all the teachers who helped make it possible.”

Sophie Cameron-MicthellOutdoor Education

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