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QE’s Creative Writing at Bath Spa University

On Wednesday 26th April, QE’s Year 8 Gifted and Talented students travelled to Bath Spa University for a series of creative writing workshops organised by Paper Nations.

The first session was led by author Mimi Thebo who wrote, ‘Dreaming the Bear’. Mimi had the students imagining themselves as animals, they then had to write a short piece in the persona of a creature of their choice.

The second session of the day was led by author Chris Vick (‘Kook’) where students created the beginning of a story about a girl on a bike. It was fantastic to hear everyone’s ideas.

During lunch students had a walk around the scenic Bath Spa campus followed by a chance to hear everyone’s work anonymously. The authors gave constructive criticism on the work and plenty of tips on how to succeed in creative writing.

Ava Fitzhugh and Daniel Toll said that ‘The day was a fantastic opportunity to embrace our creative sides and meet two successful Young Adult writers.’

Ava Fitzhugh and Daniel Toll – Year 8 Students

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