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QE fundraising helps restore the sight of 27 people in India

This term, QE’s non-school uniform day raised £1,094. The donations were split 50/50 between the charities Children in Need and Second Sight.

Francisca van Holthoon, a representative of Second Sight said “The slogan 'No one can do everything, but everyone can do something' always cheers me up. Due to the many one pound coins collected on QE’s non-uniform day, 27 blind people in Bihar (North East India) will get their sight back. The patients in this extremely poor part of India may not realise where all these pound coins came from, but you should feel pleased and excited that your contribution is about to achieve nothing short of a miracle! If you visit www.secondsight.org.uk you will find out more about Second Sight, the organisation behind the miracle.

Please contact me if you feel you would like to help raise more funds for Second Sight.” Francisca van Holthoon (franvh@live.co.uk)


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