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A Record Breaking Sports Day

On Friday 14th July, all QE students from Year 7 and 8 attended our annual sports day at Exeter Arena. Conditions were absolutely perfect. So perfect in fact, that we saw seven records broken on the day. This is a record in itself!

Mr Skinner, Learning Area Team Leader for PE said “An extended thanks must go out to all the staff and Sixth Formers who helped to officiate on the day. Thanks also, to all the parents who turned up to support the event. Finally, thanks and congratulations must go to all our students who represented the school so brilliantly.”

The following records were broken:


New Record 2017

Previous Record 

Y7 Boys 75m hurdles Kai Shanks 12.84 secs T. Reid. 2016. 14.49 secs
Y7 Boys 4x100m relay 7D 57. 59 secs 7C 2013. 59.70 secs
Y7 Girls Discus Wictoria Leniart 14.32m K. Venables. 2008. 11.49m
Y7 Girls 100m Crystal Wooley 13.33 secs E. Gill. 1986. 13.50 secs
Y8 Boys 75m Hurdles Tom Reid 13.13 secs O. Buckle. 2012. 13.50 secs
Y8 Boys 100m Ben Limon 12.35 secs N. Orton. 1975. 12.50 secs
Y8 Boys 1500m Tristan Rickard 4mins 55.87 secs R. Stepney. 1989. 4mins 57 secs

 IMG 7788

Overall Results for 2017:

Overall Results

Y7 Boys Results Y7 Girls Results Y8 Boys Results  Y8 Girls Results
1st - 7O 1st - 7R  1st - 8O  1st - 8T
2nd - 7C 2nd - 7I  2nd - 8D  2nd - 8D
3rd - 7N 3rd - 7C  3rd - 8R  3rd - 8I


“Many thanks to all involved for what was one of the best Sports Days in recent years!”

Colin Skinner, Learning Area Team Leader for PE

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