Governors (who are also company directors and trustees) share responsibility for the strategic overview of how the School runs now, how it should run in the future and how well it carries out all its functions as an Academy Trust. This is not about day to day leadership and management of the School, which is the responsibility of the staff lead by the Principal and the Support and Leadership Team, but holding the School to account for its effectiveness. It is about establishing and maintaining a broad picture of what we do here and why, and contributing to our future direction. It is also about maintaining the vital links with the community we serve by acting as a conduit for the views of parents and others, and by acting as an ambassador for the work of the School.

Organisational Structure - The Board of Trustees meet every  term. The Board establishes an overall framework for the governance of the Academy and determines membership, terms of reference and procedures of Committees and other groups. It receives reports including policies from its Committees for ratification. It monitors the activities of the Committees through the minutes of their meetings. The Board may from time to time establish Working Groups to perform specific tasks over a limited timescale. There are 2 main committees, School Improvement and Resources & People, who also consider Value for Money and Audit.

The following decisions are reserved to the Board of Trustees; to consider any proposals for changes to the status or constitution of the Academy and its committee structure, to appoint or remove the Chairman and/or Vice Chairman, to appoint the Principal and Clerk to the Trustees, to approve the Annual Improvement Plan (SIP) and budget. The Trustees are responsible for setting general policy, approving the budget and statutory accounts, monitoring the Academy by the use of budgets and other data, and making major decisions about the direction of the Academy, capital expenditure and staff appointments. The Trustees and Board of Trustees have devolved responsibility for day to day management of the Academy to the Principal and Support and Leadership Team.

To contact the Chair of Governors, Gemma Poulton, please e mail the Clerk, Lisa Champ on

Name Type of Governor Position Date of Appointment End of Office
Gemma Poulton Member / CHAIR Member/Governor 20/10/2014 N/A
Stephen Barnes Parent Governor Governor 21/03/2016 20/03/2020
 Keith Baker  Member  Member/Governor  31/03/2014  N/A
Chris Cooper Member Appointment  Governor 11/03/2013 21/05/2021
James Gregory Member Appointment Governor 28/11/2017 27/11/2021
 Rosie Howard  Member Appointment  Governor  27/03/2017  28/03/2021
Jacquie Laffar Staff Governor Governor 20/10/2017 19/10/2021
Rupert Poole Principal Governor 01/09/2014 N/A
 Paul Tearle  Staff Governor  Governor  05/10/2016  04/10/2020
Carey Thorne Member Appointment Governor 24/11/2017 23/11/2021
Sue Williams Member Member/Governor 19/05/2014 N/A
Nick Way LA Governor 19/10/2015 18/10/2019


Governors who are no longer serving but have served during the last academic year

Stephen Hichens Staff Governor End Term 20/07/2018
David Morey Member/Governor End Term 29/03/2018
Robert Angell Staff Governor End Term 06/09/2017
Nigel Guthrie Member Appointment End Term 30/11/2017
Deborah Leighton-Plom Member/Governor End Term 10/10/2017
Caran Reddick Staff Governor End Term 01/10/2018
 Sue Leyman Member/Governor  End Term 29/10/2018
 David Brenton Member/Governor  End Term 08/01/2019


Company Secretary Ben Brook

Clerk to Governors Lisa Champ 

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